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How to Ensure Your Testing Team and Website Perform Like Joe Montana, Not Scott Norwood Super Bowl 50 is upon us and while millions tune in for the faceoff between the Broncos and Panthers this Sunday, software testers will hold their breaths as these same fans flock to promoted web and mobile applications in droves. To the players, Super Bowl Sunday presents two paths: one to glory and one to crushing disappointment. Obviously, vying for victory is a team effort. But sometimes, just sometimes, the difference between winning and losing falls to one individual. With the biggest game of the year on the line and everyone watching, the final play commences. Wide right. After losing three consecutive Super Bowls, the Buffalo Bills lost their fourth as Scott Norwood's field goal attempt sailed just past the righthand goalpost. Imagine the sheer number of Buffalo fans tha... (more)

Testing Streaming Media | @CloudExpo #APM #IoT #DevOps #BigData

Here's the thing: as sure as we'll have another record-setting year for NFL streaming, you can also be sure that apps will fail and streaming services will go down. Whether you are dabbling in streaming or diving in whole-hog, you need to know what to do to give your users the most reliable experience possible. Here are a few tips. Over the past few weeks, we've seen a ton of 'Back To The Future' themed posts all over social media, as we passed October 21, 2015 - the actual day that Marty and Doc visited in the plot of the second movie of the series. It was a fun time to reflect... (more)

So, You’ve Been Looking for That Degree in Software Testing? | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps

There are educational options available for nearly anyone interested in learning a new skill or changing their career altogether. And it's only getting better. So what if you want to get an education in software testing? Fortunately, you have a few options. Duke. Stanford. Rice. When you hear those names, what do you think of? You're probably thinking of some of the top universities in the US - or more likely their sports teams. However, if you lived a century ago (give or take) you'd be thinking Robber Barons. That's because these prestigious institutions and many like them were ... (more)

Your eCommerce Shoppers Are Going Global. Are You Ready? | @CloudExpo #Cloud

You may want to ask yourself if you really have a good understanding of where your customers are shopping. Digital marketers are known to cuddle up with Google Analytics as they crawl into bed at night just to explore these trends. Are you doing the same? Because as more of your customers visit you from other parts of the world, you'll have to do a little bit more to make sure they all have a great experience on your site. Here's a mind-blowing statistic for you: Take all the stores and retail outlets in the world - basically anywhere someone can buy something. Then, add up all ... (more)

Don’t Get Spooked! How to Plan and Execute Last Minute Performance Testing | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps

It's 4:49pm on a Thursday. The phone rings. Wendy, the Performance Engineer: Hi, this is Wendy. Larry, Head of Development: Wendy, I'm so glad I caught you before you took off for the day. How are you? Wendy: Ummm, fine. Larry: Great. Listen, we were able to jam that great new feature into our latest build and want to make sure it's included in this weekend's load testing. Can you get that going for us so that we have results on Monday? Wendy: On... Monday? An owl hoots in the distance. Load tests can be super-scary if you aren't expecting them. They take a fair amount of planni... (more)